Monday, 21 November 2011

The Playground (2011)

My second year at the zine fest and it was just as fun as last.

The people there were great, just as it was the last time. Wannabe With Goat was well received and drew interest from the general public as well as other stall holders (including the super veteran zine creator Bryce Galloway, the creator of the almost 10 year running “Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People”).

I tried to hold a few conversations with people about WWG, zine making, and misc. However they didn’t go too far due to my buzzy hearing (courtesy of older brothers) and the often crowded and always noisy venue.

It was held at Mighty Mighty yet again which was cool. As I mentioned last year the place has a great atmosphere. This year I had a table under the skylight which has a mirror ball under it, every time the sun came out spots of light would spin all around me. Unfortunately as the day drew on, every time the sun came out it would land right on me and the table which combined with the already tight and suffocating conditions made things a bit uncomfortable.

I managed to score myself a few zines while I was there, including Neighbour Cats (finally)! Perhaps I’ll get the second volume next year.

The one downside of this year was that I didn’t do a page for the collaborative zine. The theme was a good idea, a good starting point as there would be a lot of ways to spin “Love Letters & Hate Mail”. I just couldn’t think of anything to kick it off with, for which I’d like to blame the heat and the lack of caffeine in my veins.

All’s well that something something. I enjoyed the festival and I’m counting down the days for the next one.

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