Monday, 4 February 2013


Issue 09 has bee distributed around Wellington.
So if you want a copy go out and get one.

Issue 09 SketchBook [At times unbearably so]
Album of Issue: Gorillaz -

In the pursuit of bettering my drawing skills I decided to get a small A6 sketch book that I could carry around with me when I went out, be it for jury service, job interviews, or just for lunch.  The idea in this exercise was to draw in any down time I might come across, drawing (see what I did there?) from the inspiration of wherever I would be at the time.
This issue is composed of the pages from said sketch book (hence the title; SketchBook) all laid out un-edited, un-changed, and un-manipulated.  What you’ll see in this issue is typically how I begin my image and comic process, the initial drawing phase.  In the past I’ve been reluctant to show my initial drawings which made this problematic but also very helpful to me.  This idea forced me to put in more effort and tidy up my sketches while also allowing me to experiment with techniques and styles.
The sketchbook is composed of drawings of characters from the 11 stories, charactures and portraits of random people on the street, train or in the cafe, characters inspired by my surroundings, sketches of my surroundings, and even  drawings spawned from nothing more than the graphite pressing onto the paper.
The A6 sketchbook was so full by the time it came to compose this issue that I had difficulty fitting it all in.  In the end pages had to be dropped and compromises made.  All’s fair in love and design.  It’s going to get busy in here, so take your time and enjoy.

To have a look at the issue (try before you grab it for free or just to see what you missed out on) you can view it on the Facebook page here: WWG Issue 09 Album

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