Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Gettin' Out Those Old Charts

So a while ago I finished playing The Last of Us, absolutely fantastic game, I really love it.  Unfortunately I was stuck wanting more, more action, more adventure, more exploring, and (most importantly) more Ellie and Joel!  I REALLY wanted to play it again, right away, but forced myself to hold back in fear of "over playing" in and ruining the game for myself.  If that's even possible.  Eventually I decided to do a marathon.  I'd play all my action-adventure games, starting with the Uncharted series, then the Tomb Raider reboot, then finally I'd play The Last of Us again.  Hopefully that'd give me enough time to "rest" from The Last of Us' story.

On top of playing the games I figured I'd do a bit of fan art, for each game, as I play them.
So up first is Uncharted: Drakes Fortune.

Anyone who knows their Uncharted will know I had to make some changes to the original image.  The biggest of which was changing up Elena's hair.

I made a method for playing the Uncharted series which I've carried through to my other action-adventure games (I'm weird, I know).  The first time I play I'll always play in normal difficulty.  This lets me enjoy the game play and story with out getting stuck at any one point and getting frustrated (blue room anyone?).  The next time I'll play in hard to unlock crushing, then finally I play in crushing to get the trophies!  Oh, the trophies!

This is the third time I'm playing Drakes Fortune.  The earlier parts of the game proved the most difficult and frustrating (looking mostly at chapters 5 and 6).  Then, I'm not sure if it's me improving or something to do with the game, things seem to get easier and I get "stuck" less.  I recall something similar happening when I played it in hard mode.

Anyway, I've almost finished Drakes Fortune so follow me on Facebook or DeviantART for some Among Thieves fan art (probably my favourite game of the series).

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