Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Gettin' Out Those Old Charts

So a while ago I finished playing The Last of Us, absolutely fantastic game, I really love it.  Unfortunately I was stuck wanting more, more action, more adventure, more exploring, and (most importantly) more Ellie and Joel!  I REALLY wanted to play it again, right away, but forced myself to hold back in fear of "over playing" in and ruining the game for myself.  If that's even possible.  Eventually I decided to do a marathon.  I'd play all my action-adventure games, starting with the Uncharted series, then the Tomb Raider reboot, then finally I'd play The Last of Us again.  Hopefully that'd give me enough time to "rest" from The Last of Us' story.

On top of playing the games I figured I'd do a bit of fan art, for each game, as I play them.
So up first is Uncharted: Drakes Fortune.

Anyone who knows their Uncharted will know I had to make some changes to the original image.  The biggest of which was changing up Elena's hair.

I made a method for playing the Uncharted series which I've carried through to my other action-adventure games (I'm weird, I know).  The first time I play I'll always play in normal difficulty.  This lets me enjoy the game play and story with out getting stuck at any one point and getting frustrated (blue room anyone?).  The next time I'll play in hard to unlock crushing, then finally I play in crushing to get the trophies!  Oh, the trophies!

This is the third time I'm playing Drakes Fortune.  The earlier parts of the game proved the most difficult and frustrating (looking mostly at chapters 5 and 6).  Then, I'm not sure if it's me improving or something to do with the game, things seem to get easier and I get "stuck" less.  I recall something similar happening when I played it in hard mode.

Anyway, I've almost finished Drakes Fortune so follow me on Facebook or DeviantART for some Among Thieves fan art (probably my favourite game of the series).

Monday, 4 February 2013


Issue 09 has bee distributed around Wellington.
So if you want a copy go out and get one.

Issue 09 SketchBook [At times unbearably so]
Album of Issue: Gorillaz -

In the pursuit of bettering my drawing skills I decided to get a small A6 sketch book that I could carry around with me when I went out, be it for jury service, job interviews, or just for lunch.  The idea in this exercise was to draw in any down time I might come across, drawing (see what I did there?) from the inspiration of wherever I would be at the time.
This issue is composed of the pages from said sketch book (hence the title; SketchBook) all laid out un-edited, un-changed, and un-manipulated.  What you’ll see in this issue is typically how I begin my image and comic process, the initial drawing phase.  In the past I’ve been reluctant to show my initial drawings which made this problematic but also very helpful to me.  This idea forced me to put in more effort and tidy up my sketches while also allowing me to experiment with techniques and styles.
The sketchbook is composed of drawings of characters from the 11 stories, charactures and portraits of random people on the street, train or in the cafe, characters inspired by my surroundings, sketches of my surroundings, and even  drawings spawned from nothing more than the graphite pressing onto the paper.
The A6 sketchbook was so full by the time it came to compose this issue that I had difficulty fitting it all in.  In the end pages had to be dropped and compromises made.  All’s fair in love and design.  It’s going to get busy in here, so take your time and enjoy.

To have a look at the issue (try before you grab it for free or just to see what you missed out on) you can view it on the Facebook page here: WWG Issue 09 Album

Friday, 23 November 2012


The remaining copies of issue 08 of Wannabe With Goat has been distributed around Wellington for any and all to pick up for free. If you missed out at the Wellington Zinefest now is your chance.

Issue 08 GUNSLINGERS [Can't Say This Again]
Album of Issue: Sleigh Bells - Reign of Terror

At one point I was looking over all my characters and realised that a lot of them wield firearms.  Initially I was a little disappointed with my “lack of imagination” and taken a back a bit as I had thought that my ideas were primarily fantasy (you know, sword and sorcery type deal).  This was put aside once I realised where I got this “gun inspiration” from. 
Trigun is a manga and anime.  My favourite of all time, to be more detailed.  It’s set on a wasteland planet with a sci-fi/western genre.  The main character, Vash the Stampede, is the greatest ace gunman with a dark mysterious past. 
I suppose it’s my love of Trigun that shines through into my own stories that contain gun slinging aces, gun fighters with trouble always at their heels, trigger happy maniacs, and sharp shooters.
As a salute to these gun toting characters I’ve dedicated this issue to them (hence “Gunslingers”).  And to pay homage to Trigun I scribbled up some fan art of Vash as seen in the recently released Trigun film.

To have a look at the issue (try before you grab it for free or just to see what you missed out on) you can view it on the Facebook page here: WWG Issue 08 Album

Monday, 24 September 2012

Overlaod 2012

I had a great time at Overload 2012 so I figured I’d write something up about it.
To sum it up in a nutshell; the atmosphere was fantastic and the people were really nice.
I met a whole bunch of people there whom I attempted to interact with using my limited social skills. Most of the sellers were regulars; a couple even gave me some critique, feedback and tips. Even though it was my first time I really felt welcomed.
A lot of people were interested in seeing my work saying that it’s good to see original and freehand art. I think I may have gotten a few more fans and even met some current ones (one of which I fist bumped!).
The special guest at overload, Fuzichoco, was fascinating to watch. The committee had set up a special area with screens so we could watch her illustrate in real time!
There were cosplayers galore, Anime and Manga selling cheap, and plenty of stall holders to converse with. There was a diverse range of artwork and overall I found the event really inspirational.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Issue 07 is out there!
Distributed to the usual locations; Midnight Espresso, Enigma, the Matterhorn entrance, the Southern Cross, and Clark’s Cafe (in the library). Since it's a "chronicle" issue copies can also be found in Graphic (aka, Comics Compulsion) on Cuba street.
Go out and get a copy today!

Issue 07 Chronicle Ch. 1. Wings, the Straw, the Devil, and You
Album of Issue: The Kills - Blood Pressures

It’s been almost a year since the last issue of Wannabe With Goat was released, there’s been a lot to keep me occupied.  This issue concludes the first chapter of the Force story (the first few pages can be found in issue 03).  I originally thought up this story years back (not quite as old as the first chapter of the Academy story, mind you), and It’s quite a thrill to finally see it down on paper.
There is so much to cover in this first chapter that I had to extend the issue to a whopping 28 pages, something which I was (still am a little) reluctant to do.
The cover for this issue is the title page for the chapter (shocker, right?) and is also seen in full in issue 03.  It’s one of the first colour images I’ve done for WWG.  The colour was done using water colour pencils, a process that can be quite tricky and messy at times, but yields a result which I’m rather happy with.  The image depicts the character Motokan Tsubasa on the verge of plummeting whilst becoming engulfed in darkness.
I have mixed feelings about the drawing on the first page (just to the right there).  I had a lot of fun as I drew it with plenty of freedom, distorting and scribbling at will.  However drawing a character in such a wild, frantic, falling apart at the seams kind of state made my stomach feel off.

To have a look at the issue (try before you grab it for free or just to see what you missed out on) you can view it on the Facebook page here: WWG Issue 07 Album

Thursday, 24 November 2011


The remaining copies of issue 6 have been distributed around Wellington. They can now be found at Clark’s Cafe (in the library), the entrance way to Matterhorn, Midnight Espresso, and the Southern Cross. 

Issue 06 Cathedrals in My Ears
Album of Issue: We Are Augustines - Rise Ye Sunken Ships

Whilst getting input for the fourth issue, my creative editor (the ever helpful Sammy Wallis) suggested a bit of a change in layout, particularly in the regular featuring pages. I mulled over this for a while as I didn’t want to just drop anything or make any drastic changes. So instead I gave Wannabe With Goat a slight shake up. Combining the first two pages not only gives me more room within the issue to work with but bumps this (the introductory) page closer to the front.
I chose to make the change in the sixth issue as I just figure it’d be nice to have a tidy set of 5 with a consistent layout. That and I had already planned and partially done the fifth issue by then. This isn’t the only change either; I might just have a surprise waiting for you at the end.
Around the beginning of the year I got into reading Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, the graphic novels that inspired the recent Batman films. There was something about his artwork that inspired me somewhat; the large muscular Batman and the way he was posed so well, the perfect amount of attention to detail, the strong defined lines, long and straight, and the perfect curves. Brilliant, Brilliant artwork.
It reminded me of some of Yoshitaka Amano’s work (character designer and such for the Final Fantasy series). So I decided to do a couple of illustrations in an attempt to utilise that kind of style. The images (pages 16-17) are of characters from a story my ladyfriend (Ms. Duffy) and I were making into an RPG a few years back. I exaggerated the size of some of the characters, focused on detail of muscles (something which I don’t usually do), and added details galore (which I love to do)!
I felt that it is a great way to design characters, A way to put down whatever feels natural, whatever feels right for the character. I’ll definitely be doing more like this, particularly for characters of a fantasy story
Since this is an issue of change I also painted the cover image, as opposed to the usual graphite rendering. The idea came from Final Fantasy XII’s cover, a style that suited the character I’ve depicted.

Preview the issue on the Facebook page here, and go get one while stocks last!

Monday, 21 November 2011

The Playground (2011)

My second year at the zine fest and it was just as fun as last.

The people there were great, just as it was the last time. Wannabe With Goat was well received and drew interest from the general public as well as other stall holders (including the super veteran zine creator Bryce Galloway, the creator of the almost 10 year running “Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People”).

I tried to hold a few conversations with people about WWG, zine making, and misc. However they didn’t go too far due to my buzzy hearing (courtesy of older brothers) and the often crowded and always noisy venue.

It was held at Mighty Mighty yet again which was cool. As I mentioned last year the place has a great atmosphere. This year I had a table under the skylight which has a mirror ball under it, every time the sun came out spots of light would spin all around me. Unfortunately as the day drew on, every time the sun came out it would land right on me and the table which combined with the already tight and suffocating conditions made things a bit uncomfortable.

I managed to score myself a few zines while I was there, including Neighbour Cats (finally)! Perhaps I’ll get the second volume next year.

The one downside of this year was that I didn’t do a page for the collaborative zine. The theme was a good idea, a good starting point as there would be a lot of ways to spin “Love Letters & Hate Mail”. I just couldn’t think of anything to kick it off with, for which I’d like to blame the heat and the lack of caffeine in my veins.

All’s well that something something. I enjoyed the festival and I’m counting down the days for the next one.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Wellington Zine Fest 2011

Here is the promotional poster I’ve made for Wannabe With Goat for the Wellington Zine Fest this year. It’s being held on the 19th of November at Mighty Mighty (104 Cuba Street, Wellington).  You’ll wannabe there! (See what I did, eh?)
Not only will the poster be used for promotion here online but it will also be hung in front of the stall at the Zine Fest so fans will be able to find it with ease.

This time around I’m going to give a bit of an explanation as to what I was thinking when working on this poster. This will be something I’d like to continue to do when it comes to such things.
Anyone who has seen last year’s promo poster will probably be thinking “What, if any, is the connection here?” As I have previously mentioned music is very important to me especially in a creative sense. Therefore I decided to have something musical for each Zine Fest poster that I’d do for WWG. The Idea for this poster came about when I thought of the image of the Wannabe slamming on a guitar. Last year they were listening to music, this year they’re making it. Whether or not there’s any symbolism in that change I don’t know, but I’m sure someone could come up with something.
Most of the plans for the layout were fixing problems and issues I had with the previous poster. That and I needed to make it simple as I had put a lot on my plate for the time building up to the Zine Fest and I wasn’t sure if it’d all get done on time.
The first fix was the move to landscape, though the portrait layout of the first was unavoidable for the idea I had for it. Landscape is better for various reasons and we should all know what they are by now.
The trouble with the first was that there was little to drag people in with, they didn’t know what the hell it was looking at it from a distance. So I made the title a dominant element (duh) and made the information larger (including a street address as many online people don’t know where Mighty Mighty is, oddly enough). So I used the engorged enlarged title and information to split the page in twine, leaving a space for the Wannabe and the Goat.
To boost its visibility I coloured the title. I went with the Wannabes colours (red, white, and blue). I decided to colour them in that order because when I was planning the colours I was under the impression that there was going to be more blue than red so I tried to balance it out. Alas my impression was a bit off. I try not to use too much red as it is a rather dominating colour, but in the end I think it turned out well. The “WITH” has the potential of being lost at a distance. However I figure that it’s not that important to the title until looking at it up close. The “WANNABE” and “GOAT” are the important parts and do stand out which would also emphasise the key elements of the image.
I left the background white for simplicity but (if you look closely) I added a paper texture to help distinguish between the background and the whites and highlights. It’s Subtle but I’m happy with that.
As mentioned the Wannabe’s pose is what started the theme, perhaps inspired by that guy from ACDC. Initially I wanted him to have an old rundown acoustic guitar, which would be very Wannabe like for him to be rocking out on that. Though I ended up going with something similar to a guitar that Kurt Cobain used (apparently). Why him specifically? I couldn’t tell you.
With the first poster I had the Wannabe in a bit of a dramatic pose using forced perspective to increase the readability of the iPod screen. This time I wanted things to be a bit simpler. This plan was very effective. Because of the simplicity was able to focus on his pose and details thereof. The result is pretty good if I may say so myself.
Lastly (and I’m not too keen on being so open about this) the guitar strap has the titles of the first five issues inscribed in it. Now that’s a guitar strap that’s streets ahead.
I wanted the Goat to have more of a presence in this poster instead of just sitting and wondering what the freak show next to him is up to. Since I had nailed down with certainty that the Wannabe would be on a guitar why not have the Goat be part of the band. I struggled for a while thinking of what instrument a goat could possibly play, what with no thumbs in all. Ideas of him eating instruments came to mind but I really wanted him to playing. Then the idea came for him to be running around on a mountain of drums, jumping and leaping, essentially playing the drums with his hooves (with the drum sticks clenched in between teeth of course). Very bad-ass, very Goat like.
The colours of the drums were to represent the colour spectrum. Red, green, and blue is the scientific colour spectrum. The yellow drum off to the side comes in to represent the artistic colour spectrum with red, yellow, blue. And then of course there’s black, representing shade.
So now you can look at the image and think “oh, now I get it.” In all honesty however I hope you found my explanation interesting. For now, I need to get back to work. Busy busy busy!

-Wannabe out!

Friday, 21 October 2011


My first ever fan art! 

Edward Baueris picked up a copy of the 5th issue and enjoyed it so much that he drew some fan art as repayment and sent it in along with some kind and inspiring words. I’m so flattered I’m almost speechless.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Wannabe With Goat Issue 05 has been distributed!
For the very first time copies have been left at Graphic (aka Comics Compulsion) on Cuba Street as well as the café in the Library. Other locations include the regular Midnight Espresso, the entrance way to Matterhorn, the Southern Cross, Deluxe, and Enigma.

Issue 05 Chronicle Ch. 0. Disarmourment
Album of Issue: Grinderman - Grinderman 2

As described in the previous issue, some issues will be sub-labeled “Conceptual” and will focus on one stories design. Anyone with a keen eye for detail would have noticed that this issue has been sub-labeled “Chronicle”. Similar, in a sense, to any Conceptual issue, Chronicle issues focus on telling the story of one of the many stories within the Wanabe With Goat anthology
(That’s right, just called it an anthology).
So this, the first ever Chronicle issue, the fifth issue of Wannabe With Goat tells (the rest of) the first chapter of the story Academy. The chapters title is “Chapter 0: Disarmourment” and its title page is the picture on the cover.
The beginning of this chapter can be found in issue 02 and 03 of Wannabe With Goat.
This issue has been about a year in the making. Though to be fair my first thoughts of and planning for this chapter and story began in 2005 inspired by a Black Mages song titled “Dancing Mad”.
I started the initial drawings for this issue about a year ago and a lot has happened since then, often forcing me to put a temporary halt to the issues creation.
When I look back through I can clearly see my drawing technique changing and morphing. I can happily say my abilities have definitely gotten stronger, and even now that I’m working on the initial drawing phase of the 7th issue I still feel as if I am improving. Learning new techniques and discovering better ways of doing things. This will be a never ending process but that just makes it more fun.
This issue marks the end of my first plan of direction for Wannabe With Goat.  My idea for the first 5 issues was to give you all a general idea of what to expect of this zine.
I’ve put a lot of time and effort into this issue,
I hope you enjoy it.

To have a look at the issue (try before you grab it for free or just to see what you missed out on) you can view it on the Facebook page here: WWG Issue 05 Album

Saturday, 1 October 2011

WWG Issue 05

Issue 05 of Wannabe With Goat is complete! It's all printed and ready for an October distribution. Keep an eye out!

Monday, 16 May 2011


So I made this poster for Wannabe with Goat zine featuring the main and/or face character for 10 of the 11 stories featured within the zine.

"What the fuck's a face character?" A face character is a character from a story used to represent and promote the story without having to necessarily be the main character. A good example of this would be Final Fantasy 13; while Lightning is certainly the face character (well picked might I add what with her abundance of awesome!), Vanille would arguably (but in my opinion) be the main character for the games story.

Anyway, in this poster which took far too long to make each character is pared with a musical genre that best fits their personality and traits.

In 'celebration' of the creation of such a glorious picture we're running an 10 week extravaganza of music from each genre each week! Go check it out!

Friday, 18 February 2011


Distribution was quite a mission this time. I was unable to use two of my regular places: Offbeat Originals was strangely closed and Real Groovy doesn’t have anywhere safe for me to put anything. However issue 4 of Wannabe With Goat CAN be found at Midnight Espresso, the entrance way to Matterhorn, the Southern Cross (bar/restaurant/café), Deluxe, Enigma, Felix, and Lido.


Issue 04 Conceptual JEDEN
Album of Issue: Little Dragon -

This issue is a very special one. Maybe not that special, maybe just regular special. And not just special to me either, but special to everyone.
As I announced in the previous issue; my zine covers a couple handfuls of stories that I’m working on. But instead of just telling the stories I also like to show you (the reader :D ) some of my design process that goes into them. The design and planning phase is actually one of my favorite areas, so that’s one reason why I’d like to show it off. Another reason is that it’s a good way to draw you (the reader :D ) into the story. Here’s the character, these are the people they know, this is their room, these are their clothes, this is where they like to drink coffee, this is the corner they sleep in when they’re drunk. Provided I’m careful and don’t give away anything important in the story, you (the reader :D ) can get a nice visual of the environment and a good idea of the setting of the story before you have even read it. This was actually something I got complimented on at the Zine Fest; that I’m not just rushing into the story, that I’m taking things slow, planning, testing, etc.
Often a particular story may capture my interest more than others at times, this can be influenced by any number of things, but when this happens I’d like to focus on that story in Wannabe With Goat.
So why is THIS issue so special? Some of you may have noticed the sub title “Conceptual”. This is a label given to an issue that focuses solely on the designs and plans of just one story in WWG. For example this issue is designs and plans for the story Academy. I presented my idea for the “reusable” sub title to group all the solely design issues to my creative editor who rejected it saying it’s unnecessary. But I disagree, because I’m nerdy and need to make references to nerdy things. I won’t tell you what it is a homage to specifically because that ruins the fun.

To have a look at the issue (try before you grab it for free or just to see what you missed out on) you can view it on the Facebook page here: WWG Issue 04 Album

Thursday, 17 February 2011

WWG Issue 04

The 4th issue of Wannabe With Goat is completed and printed, ready to be distributed today! I'll post up all the locations tonight.

Sunday, 2 January 2011


Haven’t made a post in a while but I want you all to be reassured that I am still drawing.  Don't get me wrong, it is the summer holidays so I have been relaxing in the sun a wee bit.  But holidays or no, I'm determined as hell to get issue 04 out as soon as possible.  Over halfway through so it shouldn't be too long now!  Be sure to look forward to it.